Small Talk? No Can Do.

Small Talk? No Can Do.

Tonight I went out with a friend for a quick bite. I hadn’t seen her in a while, and was looking forward to catching up. Except…

I just sent a story off two days ago. Do you think I could think of a dang thing besides that to talk about?

Seriously, I’m horrible at small talk. It doesn’t matter if I care about the person (I did/do!) Once we get past “how’s it going?/Fine. How about you?/Oh, I’m fine” I’m pretty much done. I can’t talk about the weather because–well, Tucson. Hot. Sunny. Next.

Can’t talk about movies because I haven’t seen any. Can’t talk sports ’cause I don’t know. Can’t talk politics (much) because–well, have you SEEN what’s going on? Yeah, don’t get me started. TV, nope. Books I’ve read? Not at the moment. Books I’m writing?

How long have you got?

So yeah. I am, like many writers, not so good at the social skills. Which reminds me of this, which makes me feel better.

I <3 Neil Gaiman.

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3 comments on “Small Talk? No Can Do.
  1. I was never good at small talk before I started writing. People would ask me what was up and I would say nothing even though I had tons of stuff to talk about. I think I just hate talking. lol

  2. KD says:

    I have tons to talk about–just nothing anyone is going to care about. They give you funny looks when you start gossiping about fictional characters. 😉

  3. Kay Qy says:

    I don’t know what their problem is. I see nothing strange about it… >.>

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