That Manifesto Thing

That Manifesto Thing

Remember this? Self-Discipline is remembering what you really want. And then there was an update here. Well, it’s time for another.

1. To WRITE, not play on the internet. This was going badly until I quit NaNo. Once I didn’t hate what I was trying to do, I got better at making myself do it.

Also, deadlines. Deadlines have a way of driving one off the internet and to work.

2. To WRITE, not clean, so stay on top of stuff. I’m…mostly keeping the dishes done? Aforementioned friend who likes to clean my house has, for reasons unknown, lately restricted herself to a continual rearranging my pantry. o.ô

3. To sell books and become independent so promote. Yeah, still not doing great at this. My entire life is cycles, and I cannot successfully promote books when in my “get off my lawn!” phase. I’m coming around to “cheerful and friendly” again, though, so if the holidays don’t ruin that (sorry, I dislike the holiday season intensely) I’ll do better.

4. Be healthier, wear smaller clothes, and hike to Machu Picchu. Still trying. The holiday season makes this rough as well, but I am Determined. Progress is slow, but progress is occurring.

5. To have ALL THE FUN EVER so stop SPENDING. Yeah. Moms in the clutches of the holidays do not get to not spend.

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2 comments on “That Manifesto Thing
  1. BBea says:

    So you’re DOING 4 of the 5 things and working on the other one? Yay you! *HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGSSSS* I hope the holidays aren’t too horrible for you this year.

  2. KD says:

    Well, at least for Thanksgiving there’s pumpkin cheesecake. That’ll help. >_>


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