Queen’s Man #TeaserTuesday

Queen's Man #TeaserTuesday

So since I dropped out of NaNo to edit, I figured I’d just get on back to editing. I really don’t hate it–I love how it improves an already-great story.

Anyway. Thought I’d share a bit. My main character, Joss Ravid, just did something pretty dumb and is now dealing with the consequences in his own inimitable fashion.

“It might help if you told me what you were looking for,” Joss said before Lurk took another swing. Worry actually opened his mouth to answer before Lurk poked him, offending Joss to his core. Bad enough to be caught without a fight, but to be captured, trussed with sex toys to a bad excuse for a chair and then interrogated by someone who answered your questions… Joss was a professional. This was an insult.

“I’ll ask the questions,” rumbled Lurk, and Joss almost groaned aloud. Gods, couldn’t they at least try to be original?

Purple, he reminded himself. He didn’t look good swollen and purple, so he didn’t suggest creativity to the big guy.

“What did you come back for?” the idiot went on. “Where is it?”

“Oh, you mean the thing I didn’t bother to get in the good half-hour I was here between you guys killing Bren and me leaving for work?” Joss blurted. Pointing out their stupidity might not be a wise move, but Joss could only take so much. Bash the Homo sucked, but at least it was better than Who’s The Stupidest Oaf Of All?

Joss kept working the scarves though his wrists burned. These guys were following the age-old Big Dumb Villain script, and there were only a few ways that could end. All of them Not Well for the lovely ingenue. Since there weren’t any Big Damn Heroes around to rescue Joss and carry him off to bed, anyway.

Lurk backhanded him for being smarter than the two of them put together. Then he leaned closer.

“The girl, then. Where’s the girl?”

Joss smirked some more. “There was a girl? I don’t notice girls.” Almost free…a slat of wood ran down the back of the chair, and the goons had wrapped his bonds around it. If he could just work it free—

“The girl,” Worry’s voice repeated. “This Paige you were talking about. Where is she?”

“I’m sorry,” Joss said and meant since he did regret that he was about to get whacked again, “I was too busy taking you and your buddy down to notice.”

Predictable as ever, Lurk hit him. Worry, though, he started playing music. Something tropical, fun. Joss rolled his eyes in disgust as the man pulled a comm from his pocket.

So there’s Joss. Queen’s Man will be available in the spring. If readers enjoy him half as much as I do, this is gonna be awesome. 😀

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3 comments on “Queen’s Man #TeaserTuesday
  1. BBea says:

    Mmmm, more Joss snippets! :mrgreen: When did you drop out of NaNo? MAN, I’m living under a big rock at the moment.

  2. KD says:

    On…last Sunday, maybe? I desperately needed some wild wordcount to catch up, which I could have done–if i could have stopped worrying about deadlines on more important things. So I decided to get my priorities straight.

  3. BBea says:

    *hugs* I’m glad you could stop for a minute and choose the best option for you. And yeah, I found your post about it about 20 minutes ago. Eventually I will get out from under this rock. I’m sure of it. If I just keep walking in the same direction, I’ve got to hit open air eventually, right? *checks compass and sets off again*

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