Knight Errant

Knight Errant

I’m getting search hits from people (presumably owners of shiny bookmarks! Go here and learn how to get one of your very own!) looking for “Knight Errant by KD Sarge.” And it occurs to me that the marketing plan has info on the book Absolutely Nowhere Searchable until December 1st, the release date.

Oops. That’s kinda dumb. So here’s the back-blurb. If you like the sounds of it, keep an eye out! I’ll be selling the ebooks for $2.99, so it’s a minimal risk, right? The idea is to get you hooked, then you’re mine, bwahahahaaaa…

From pickpocket and con artist to little brother and trusted comrade is a tough transition, but Taro is making it. His new sister, former Marine Eve Marcori, promised his dead mother she’d look after him. To her that means family, home—her interstellar freighter—and a solid future. In four years she’s trained Taro extensively; the next step is college. Taro would rather be shot, but he never forgets his debt to Eve, so he means to honor her plans or die in the attempt.

When Eve rescues former joy-boy and current layabout Rafe Ballard, death seems the likely outcome. Rafe is so apparently useless that Eve calls him ‘the baggage’ and appoints Taro his custodian. Irritated into disobedience by his carefree charge, Taro tries to get rid of Rafe. Instead he gets them both kidnapped by the jealous husband Rafe was fleeing. Though they are off-planet before Taro can act, his training may be enough to bring them safely through—but now he has bigger problems. Forced into partnership and freedom with Rafe, Taro begins to see him differently. Kind, funny, and caring, Rafe is everything Taro never knew he wanted. And all he can’t have. Eve’s plans leave no room for a playboy boyfriend who can never measure up, and Taro can’t let her down.

Caught between the sister he’d die for and the man he’s beginning to live for, Taro decides it’s time to start making his own plans. And if the new skills aren’t enough, he’ll give the old ones a try.

Knight Errant is a novel (people keep asking me this) not a manga, despite the awesome Sambre artwork on the bookmark and cover. The genre is space opera, and the wordcount is about 85K. It is the first published in a loosely-linked series. That means it can stand alone, but I hope to hook you into reading the others when they’re available.

Knight Errant will be available for Kindle (if you don’t own a Kindle you can download the free software), in paperback, and in (probably) a couple other formats. I’m looking into the other distributors at the moment. Suggestions are welcome! How would you like me to get this book to you?

Need any other info? Ask! In the comments preferably, but you’re welcome to use the contact page linked in the menu bar.

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2 comments on “Knight Errant
  1. Trudy says:

    Interested in your ebook Knight Errant or even in the paperback if it is avalible. Please let me know how to obtain it. Thanks, Trudy Shelby

  2. KD says:

    Music to my eyes! This page has links to it in many formats, including paperback on Amazon.

    I hope you enjoy!

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